The Brighton Fringe, Right Under Our Noses!

Brighton Fringe Festival, 2013

It’s unusual for me to blog twice in one week, however this week marks the start of a busy and enjoyable month, covering an event that I have long wanted to support, the Brighton Fringe. Since I started blogging last year via this site, the majority of my posts have been concerning far flung destinations such as Mexico and California, however one facet of my portfolio that is lacking is from my own city of Brighton and Hove.

Year after year, I have watched the fringe come and go and like some in the city have taken it for granted.  This year however I will be covering a number of events as one of the official photographers.  Not only does this give me an excellent opportunity to get close to such an eclectic range of performers, talent nd vibrant colours and sounds, but it also allows me to finally cover an event that is close to home.

Although the fringe officially begins on Friday the 4th, I attended my first preview last night, of Soul Dome 360.  A 360 degree cinema enclosed within a self inflating dome, this truly was a remarkable experience. With acoustics to match the whispering gallery and high quality visuals, this was a great way to begin my fringe coverage.

Over the coming weeks, I will be blogging and showing my favourite photos from this colourful festival and if you haven’t already got plans to, don’t forget to visit the ever vibrant fringe city!